Intercultural Ministries

Reaching the nation within our nation

Ken Walters

Intercultural Ministries Director


 5 things we can help you with:

  1. Credentialing.  Many times those called to ministry need help in applying for ministerial credentials.  We stand ready to help anyone with language or cultural questions.
  2. Intercultural Church Planting.  The SoCal Network is committed to reaching everyone regardless of ethnicity or culture with the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.  Church planting is the most effective means available to reach people with this Gospel.  We stand ready to assist with advice and resources any who desire to plant a church in any of the many cultural communities in SoCal.
  3. Helping an intercultural department within a church to become a Parent Affiliated Church.  This allows a cultural group to continue to operate under the covering of the local church while joining with others of their own cultural group as well as other cultural groups.  Fellowship and accountability are the natural result of such relationships.
  4. Interface with churches and ministers outside of the SoCal Network to join us in working for the Kingdom.  We can do more together than we can do separately.  We will assist any church or minister who wants to partner with the SoCal Network to secure credentials or affiliate with the SoCal Network.
  5. Help mediate between cultural groups experiencing conflict.  Sometimes all that is needed is a trusted mediator to solve seemingly intractable problems.

Rudy Paniagua

Ethnic Leadership Development & Hispanic Church Planting


Update senior pastor on how to lead the multiethnic church of the 21st century

  • Leadership Round Tables
  • Mentor Senior Pastors one-on-one
  • Learning Communities through reading of books

Train church planters

  • 5-month bilingual church planting cohort
  • Launch a missional church that is sustainable and growable
  • Launch a church that mobilizes people
  • CMN Launch training
  • Planter Assessments

Integrate new pastors to Network culture and vision

  • Accommodation vs Assimilation Network culture
  • Assist in affiliation and credential paperwork
  • Preach at their local church
  • Participation in regional events

Recruit new ministers

  • Campus pastors
  • Church planters

Build pipelines and kingdom relationships

  • Exponential Conference
  • Learning community with Dr. Larry Acosta
  • Vanguard

Intercultural Committee


Asian/Pacific Islander

  • Executive Presbyter - Benny Aranas (2020)
  • Committee Member - Young Kim
  • Committee Member - Tin Truong


  • Executive Presbyter - Jamal Alexander (2021)
  • Committee Member - Walter Brown
  • Committee Member - Dion Smotherman


  • Executive Presbyter - Adelita Garza (2020)
  • Committee Member - Jaime Saravia
  • Committee Member - Eli Simental

At Large

  • Executive Presbyter - Simon Gounder (2022)
  • Executive Presbyter - Joshua Pinto (2021)
  • Committee Member - Marius Calugaru
  • Committee Member - George Hovsepian
  • Committee Member - Simone Maldonado

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